Brick (2005): Midnight Symbol Note


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The clip midnight symbol note from Brick (2005) with Matt O'Leary

Do you know anything else about this? No.
Slim pickings.
Why did you let Dode fly when he went back to,
who's her name, at the theater? Kara.
It's their turf. I couldn't hear them without being seen,
and that would only biff their play.
Best to know that it's there, let it ride and see what comes of it.
Anyway. Well, if this is what I think it is,
it didn't come straight from Dode, unless he's playing out of his league.
I can only give you my best guess. Yeah.
When the upper crust does shady deeds,
they do them in different places around town.
One of them is by the pier, another one is by the bike trails in State Park.
I mean, there's a lot of them.
And the pitch is, they've got little symbols for each one.
So they can tell each other the place without word getting around.
This might be that. But Dode wouldn't know it?
No, this is the upper crust. Dode's pie-pan grease.
Call anything up?
How many places start with "A"?
Or if it's a shape, could be just a random symbol.
Even if you figure it out, what good would you do?
You said her business was none of yours.
So she's all right.
Forget it now, go home. Sleep.

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