Fletch Lives (1989): Your Father


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The clip your father from Fletch Lives (1989) with Julianne Phillips, Chevy Chase

Fletch, I heard about the fire. I hope you're all right.
I'm just fine.
I was just lying in the embers of my house, trying to calm my nerves after being shot at.
What? You were shot at? I was thinking what a good day to sell my property...
and move back to Los Angeles.
Is the buyer still interested?
No, I'm afraid he withdrew.
I still have five minutes on the meter. Let's talk in your office.
Now, why don't you tell me who your client is?
Is it the Farnsworth Ministry?
Why would you say that? And who is shooting at you?
Maybe the Reverend Farnsworth.
Look, Jimmy Lee Farnsworth may be a lot of things,
but he's not a murderer.
You're right, he is many things.
A former used-car salesman, a confessed embezzler, your father, good square dancer.
That's right, he is my father.
But I'm also telling you the truth.
Becky, somebody wants my land bad enough to kill me for it.
Now, if you don't tell me who your client is, I'm gonna find out some other way.

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