Fletch Lives (1989): Healing Power


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The clip healing power from Fletch Lives (1989) with Chevy Chase, R. Lee Ermey

Let's welcome all of them beginning with Claude Henry Smmoot.
Come on out, Claude!
Here we are. I have a headache.
No, Claude, this way.
You're gonna do just fine. Now, get out there. Go on.
I said, get out there now!
Here he is! Make him welcome, folks!
Welcome, Claude Henry.
When was the very first time,
the very first moment that made the difference in your life?
Well, Jimmy Lee, I was... I was, uh,
on my gazebo, on the roof making some repairs,
and I was struck by lightning.
I have had acute migraine headaches and blurred vision since then.
But praise the Lord, that was my lucky day because...
ever since then I have had the healing power.
Amen. God bless you. Thank you very much. Good night. Thank you.
Claude Henry. Good night. What? What happened? Yes?
Before you heal another,
would you like for me to attempt to heal your own affliction?
No, no! No, no. No, those of us with perfect faith...
have no need of perfect vision.
We have no need of wisdom.
We have no need of anything except the creature comforts and lots of them.
Hallelujah.! Amen.! God bless you. Amen. Thank you. Hallelujah.
Ladies and gentlemen, he sees more than he doth know.
Yes, I do. Amen!
Claude Henry has the gift.!
Would you use that gift, Claude Henry? Would you use it now?
I guess I could.
Praise be.
Reverend, I sense that in our audience...
there is a gentleman by the name ofJim Bob.
Jim Bob, would you stand up? Would you rise, please?

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