Fletch Lives (1989): My Mamas Chair


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The clip my mamas chair from Fletch Lives (1989) with Hal Holbrook, Chevy Chase

My mama's room.
I've kept it just the way it was when she died.
Her ashes?
She used to say, "We come from the earth and we return to the earth,
and in between, we garden. "
A little gardening,
a little polluting.
They spelled my name wrong.
My gun's made of rubber. How 'bout yours?
No. I see your point.
Wouldn't do for your conservationists guests to hear about...
that load of toxic waste heading for my land at Belle Isle.
My land... at Belle Isle, Fletch.
After you die, who's gonna prove that you did not sell your land to Everest?
You may have this town in your back pocket, Johnson,
but there are a lot of people downstairs who are gonna be very interested...
in the hows and whys of Amanda Ray's death.
She knew about Bluebird.
She started a file on you, and you found out about it.
That was my lucky night. The night I found the Bluebird file, the night you porked her.
I figured it was like an alligator shoot on the freeway, if you'll excuse the metaphor.
It's not a metaphor. It's a simile, to be precise.
So you poisoned Amanda, figuring I'd sell and get out if I was facing a murder charge.
I don't scare easy. I'm too dumb.
So it would seem.
Now get out of my mama's chair before I put the first bullet up your nose.
Are you kidding?
You pull that trigger and 100 people will be up here in a second.
My dear boy, why would I do my own dirty work?

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