Fletch Lives (1989): Take the Money and Run


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The clip take the money and run from Fletch Lives (1989) with Chevy Chase

Who's there?
It's Avon calling.
Oh.! It's you.!
I'd like to talk to you for a minute.
Yeah, come on in.
Come on in. Have a seat. Make yourself at home.
What's on your mind?
What do you do? Mud wrestle in this thing?
I'm sorry about that, but I won it in a raffle.
Must be an art to sitting in one of these. Lost art.
You get the Lakers? I'm lucky if I can get Wheel of Fortune.
Do you know any reason why somebody would want to buy this land?
Insect research.
Boston two-and-a-halfback of the Yankees.
I have an offer for $250,000.
Take the money and run! What you thinkin'?

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