Fletch Lives (1989): Dinner at Amandas'


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The clip dinner at Amandas' from Fletch Lives (1989) with Chevy Chase

More wine?
You're not trying to take advantage of me, are you?
Not yet. You need to sign these papers.
Do you mind if I read 'em first?
Be my guest. Had you talked to your aunt recently?
That depends on your view of history. It's been 16 years.
Sign all three? Please.
I was just wonderin' because she changed her will three weeks before she died.
Well, lucky for me. Why'd she do that?
I don't know. She was old. Seemed to be under a lot of strain.
Dying always does that to you.
Congratulations. You know, you can make yourself some good money out of this.
A Realtor contacted me with an unusually high offer... 225,000.
Let me ask you this:
If they're so anxious, don't you think if I wait a little longer, they might go up?
They might.
And I just got here, didn't I?
No sale?
While you're thinking about it, what are you gonna do with the land, Fletch?
I don't know. Raise chitlins... the chitlin' market as high as it is.
They're mean little animals, but their coats are worth a fortune.
$225,000? What do you think I oughta do?
If I were you, I would proceed slowly and carefully.
That's my specialty.
Would you like some dessert?
What do you have in mind?
How 'bout something sweet... and Southern?

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