Fletch Lives (1989): Ben Dover


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The clip Ben Dover from Fletch Lives (1989) with Chevy Chase, Randall 'Tex' Cobb

A little gamy in here. Not much ventilation, huh?
How's the chow?
You know, you really shouldn't wear so much eye makeup. It makes you look cheap.
You're sittin' on my bunk.
Sorry. Shut up!
Take your pants off.
Ah, I don't even know your name.
Bend over.
Ben? Nice to meet you. Victor Hugo.
You wouldn't happen to have a middle name, would you? Everybody else here seems to.
What are you in for, Ben?
Molesting a dead horse.
Ooh, there's no crime in that.
That's your right as an American. I'm tryin' to cut down myself.
His missus hit him on the head with a ball pein hammer whilst he was eatin' sausage...
and almost choked him to death.
Okay, beautiful, let's hope another long night in the tank has sobered you up.
If I don't hear from you on Valentine's Day, I'll be very disappointed.

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