Xanadu (1980): Becoming Partners


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The clip becoming partners from Xanadu (1980)

I love it! I'll do it!
Maybe I'm crazy, but what the hell!
I haven't been crazy for over 35 years
And, kid, I'm giving you half the place
You're gonna be my partner
I can't do that, Danny. I can't take that
I don't know the first thing about being a partner
It's easy. We share the responsibilities and we argue a lot
It's like being married without the good part
Come on, kid. Is it a deal?
Okay It's a deal
What do you know!
I'm back in show business
I can't wait. I gotta look over every inch of this place
I wish we could see better
I got a flashlight in the car
Will you get it?
Our first collaboration as partners
Oh, partner? Partner, what'll we name the place?
Yeah. What, what the hell to call it?

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