Xanadu (1980): Danny Encourages Sonny


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The clip danny encourages sonny from Xanadu (1980)

Hey, painter! I've been lookin' for you. Where you been?
Well, how do I look?
Aren't you gonna say anything about my new threads?
Hubba, hubba
Well, uh we're gonna miss you tonight
It won't be any fun without you
I told you
I can't go
Xanadu doesn't matter any more
What do you mean it doesn't matter? How can it not matter?
This was our dream. Well, well, wasn't it?
There's no Xanadu 'cause there's no Kira
She made it real
So find her!
Bring her back!
Dreams die
No, no, no. Not by themselves. We. We kill them
Now, if you give up, you'll be sitting on that rock
30 years from now just like I was
I know how you feel, kid. I felt the same way once I did
I didn't know how important love is
But let me tell you something
Somehow, somewhere, there's a way to get her!
If she got here, there's a way to get there
Believe me, kid, it's up to you
It's-It's up to you

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