Xanadu (1980): Coming Back to Work

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The clip coming back to work from Xanadu (1980) Hey, Sonny... Never thought we'd see you back here again I...
The clip coming back to work from Xanadu (1980) Hey, Sonny... Never thought we'd see you back here again I'm not exactly thrilled about it You said this place made you crazy I decided I'd rather be crazy than hungry "The calculation is sensitive to the time you plan to own your house The factor increases if you pay off your mortgage in five years" Five years? He'd be lucky if he paid off the movers Who could pay off a house in only five years? Rock stars don't even need that long. They pay cash A million dollars, man? See my manager. I'm busy, you know? Last one in, first one home Hey, it's Sonny It's Michelangelo Malone Michelangelo, the ceiling needs painting All right, that's enough The great Sonny Malone returns to AirFlo Records welcomed by cheering throngs of thousands Art world fails to suffer. News at 11:00 Cut it out. You know I wouldn't come back unless I had to We were all really pulling for you Yeah, like one of us breaking away Really doing it Yeah, no paint by numbers, no assembly line art. What happened? It's what didn't happen. No bread I fought it, that's for sure Don't worry I spend my whole life paintin' what other people want I paint his van... I paint somebody else's mural... I paint Simpson's album covers Then when I finally quit to freelance not only do I almost starve to death but I can't figure out what I wanna do You can try again You will, won't you? Ah, look who decided to drop in. Where's your white flag? You have a way with words, Simpson. You know that? Same old wiseass attitude. I thought we discussed this on the phone when I decided to take you back We did. But I have one question... Why the hell did you take me back? Simple. You're good. And you're the fastest painter around But this time no more artsy-craftsy Sonny Malone touches, huh? Just enlarge the album cover the way I give it to you