Xanadu (1980): Sonny Meets Danny


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The clip sonny meets danny from Xanadu (1980) with Michael Beck, Gene Kelly

Seventy-five cents
I'll meet you later
All right
Hi I'll take one, please
There you go
See ya
All right, come on now
Hey, mister. What are you doin' up there?
Hope you don't mind a little noontime music, kid
A little lunchtime serenade?
I don't mind. It's kinda nice
I'm just wondering where they laid out the body
I mean, you got something a little more upbeat?
At least it's faster
Here, give me a hand
Boy, they sure don't make rocks like they used to
Want some popcorn?
Yeah, thanks
You work around here, kid?
Pretty near. I'm at AirFlo Records
You in the music business? Are you a record producer? A sound engineer?
No. I'm sort of a painter
You, you paint at a record business?
Not exactly. What I do is a... I duplicate record covers
I make album covers bigger
so you can hang them outside of record stores
Promotion. Sounds like an interesting job, huh?
Yeah. Sounds like you should take real long lunch hours
You got it
I used to be in the music business
Now I'm retired
It's a refined name for "bum"

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