Life (1999): Greet New Prisoners


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The clip greet new prisoners from Life (1999)

Years passed, and the world went to war for a second time.
While they was fightin' for freedom on the outside...
...we were dreamin' about it on the inside.
Camp 8 is for incorrigibles.
Whatever you done, I'm not impressed.
I've seen it all before.
You probably noticed that we got no fences at Camp 8.
We don't need fences 'cause we got a gun line.
It runs from...
What the hell you doin'?
The boy can't talk. Somethin' wrong with his head.
Just can't get right, boss.
'Can't get right. '
All right. We'll see how long he lasts.
Where was I?
We don't need no fences at Camp 8.
We don't need no fences here at Camp 8.
The gun line, boss.
You prisoners are now inside the gun line.
When Dillard found out that Claude was a baseball man...

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