Life (1999): Pickpocketing Claude Banks


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The clip pickpocketing Claude Banks from Life (1999)

Good evening, sir.
Can I have a towel, please?
Of course.
Look at this.
Hey, there ain't no reason to get violent. I tried to call.
Sit your ass down.
Congratulations. You finally got yourself a job.
Now you can pay Mr. Riley that 50 bucks you owe him.
I got a bill to pay out there.
Lookie here.
Not bad... for a start.
That's two weeks' pay. I'm with my girl. You gotta leave me something.
How about your legs?
My legs? Those are good.
That's good.
I'll keep the legs.
Excuse me.
How'd he get in here?
You got any of that French shit?
Yeah, bro.
That's the one there.
Thanks, man.
All right.
Do I smell French?
That's it.
Here, you keep the change.
Thank you.
Hey, don't I know you?
I don't think so.
Yes, I know you. What is your name?
Claude Banks.
Claude Banks! Hey, it's me, Ray Gibson.
We went to high school. How you doin'?
You went to Monroe?
Yes! How you doing?
You lookin' all sharp. Good to see colored folks doin' good.
I went to Jefferson.
You must have another Claude Banks in mind.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. My mistake.

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