Life (1999): Friends Fight Part 2


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The clip friends fight Part 2 from Life (1999)

And you just think about yourself.
Your little scheme. Was I part of that?
You'll be honest now 'cause you wanna be friends.
Let me tell you somethin', Mr. My-Shit-Don't-Stink Banks.
You got to learn a whole lot more about friendship.
Boss, he ain't workin'!
Does this mean I'm in?
Nah, you'd probably slow me down.
You'll be worrying about your silverware being clean.
You one of them soft motherfuckers.
What you say?
I said you soft. So what?
What you gonna do?
No man calls me soft. I hate that!
I'm a man, and I called you soft.
I don't like you swellin' all up.
Why you takin' in all this air for?
What's on your mind?
You gonna put your chin up? That mean something to me?
'Cause I said 'soft'? So what?
I spell it. S-O-F-capital-T!
Soft! What you gonna do?
You must be crazy. I'll kill you.
Oh, this is good.
Break it up!
I'm gettin' ready to shoot somebody here!
I'm gonna shoot a motherfucker today.
Ain't gonna forget this, you New York Cities.
He started it.
Don't go to sleep, nigger.
I don't mess with nobody. You know that.
Get back to work.
This ain't over, nigger. I don't give a fuck what he say.
I'll shoot your ass.
Don't go to sleep!
We'll see who go to sleep.

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