Life (1999): Baby's Daddy


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The clip baby's daddy from Life (1999)

What in the world?
Is Mae Rose all right?
She's doin' just fine.
What about the baby?
He's a big'un.
'He'? It's a boy? Honey, it's a boy!
Yeah, buddy!
Let me see that boy! Where is that boy?
Show me that grandboy!
I want every man in this camp on the line right now!
Right now! I mean right now!
Bring 'em out here! Let me see 'em!
Hope not. It was somebody in this camp.
I can feel it in my bones.
Daddy, give me my baby back.
What you laughin' at? You laughin' at me?
You know who the daddy of that chocolated baby is?
You do?
Well, who is it? Speak up!
It's my baby, boss.
He's lying. I'm the father of that baby.
Boss, I'm that baby's daddy.
Any fool can see that baby belongs to me.
I wanna differ. That little rascal belong to me.

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