Life (1999): Can't Get Right's Potential


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The clip Can't Get Right's potential from Life (1999)

You mark my words.
In five years, there'll be a colored man in the majors.
I don't think the world changed that much.
Maybe not yet, but it will.
I'll be out of a job.
That's some tasty hootch.
It's amazing what Ray can do with potato skins and some molasses.
What you think about our boy? He got something?
He could be the next Josh Gibson.
It's getting late, boys. We got a game in Memphis tomorrow.
What about us? Don't forget to mention us.
'Cause we like his handlers. We take care of everything for him.
I'll put in a good word for you.
He can't function without us.
You've done a good job with him.
We're hands-on with him.
Okay. All right.
Take care.
Have a nice day.
Walked off with my drink.
Sure did.
I ain't gonna say nothin'. Have a good day!
Y'all come on over here!
Y'all got something to drink?
Look what we got! Some of your stuff.
Can't Get Right, this one's for you, baby!

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