Life (1999): Bottles Punishment

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Published 19 Nov 2011
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The clip bottles punishment from Life (1999)

You comfortable?
As a pair of fur-lined bedroom slippers.
That's very amusin'. We'll see how them slippers feel...
...after about 24 hours.
I need a volunteer!
Gibson, stand up.
I'll make you trusty right now.
If that pie-eatin' bastard step off them bottles...
...if so much as one toe hit that dirt...
...I want you to shoot him in his ass.
I want you to kill him. I want you to shoot him dead.
You do that, I swear to God, you're a free man.
I'll walk you out the gate myself.
What d'ya say?
I got to be honest with you, boss.
You don't wanna give me that gun, 'cause I'd probably shoot you with it.
That was the wrong answer, boy.
You a fool. I'd have taken that deal.
I beg pardon? You say something to me?
I'd have knocked you off, put a bullet in your ass...
...and be halfway to New York right now.
Well, my goodness. After all these years of blissful silence...
...I forgot how annoying the sound of your voice is.
I hope you know I don't owe you a damn thing.
I ain't do nothin' for you to owe me.
What you got I ain't got? I did it for me.
I'm a man. I ain't no motherfucking, bootlickin' trusty.
You'll make me fall off, talkin' to your ass.
It's about being poised. Just poise yourself.
Poise, my ass.
Sorry to hear about your mama passing.
Yeah, about five years ago.
Thank you.
Since we're talkin', I thought I'd mention it.
We not talkin', you talkin'. And doin' a little bit too much of it.
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