Life (1999): Business with Slim


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The clip business with Slim from Life (1999)

Hey, we're lookin' for Slim.
You found him.
That's it, fellas. Thirty-six cases of Mississippi's finest.
Five bucks a case. That's $180.
All right.
What do we got?
Come on. Pay the man.
That music's hot. What goes on down there?
That there's Natchez-Under-The-Hill.
Colored folks welcome down there?
Green's the only color that matters there.
Is that right?
They got gambling, girls.
You boys ought to check it out.
Maybe we will. Nice doing business...
Let's go have ourselves a reward, see what's shaking.
There's people there having a good time.
I wanna be one of 'em. I want you to be one of 'em.
Let me tell you something. Listen. Monday, you can go be a bank teller.
Tonight, you're a bootlegger with a truckload of hootch...
...and a fistful of cash.
That's gas money, Ray.
Come on. Think.
Man, you are incredible. Tell you what. Here's $2.
You stay here, watch the truck. I'm gonna go have fun.
I got the keys, if you want to leave me in the woods.
I know how you think, you motherfucker.

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