Life (1999): No Money Left

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Published 19 Nov 2011
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The clip no money left from Life (1999) with Eddie Murphy

Ray, I've been lookin' for ya.
Guess we better get goin'.
You still got that $2?
Not exactly.
I met this girl.
Real nice girl. A God-fearing girl.
The same girl I seen you over here with?
Yeah, she looked religious.
Yeah, well...
So you gave her the $2?
She was in a tight spot. Her mama needs this operation.
She ain't have the money for it, and so...
The church took up a collection, but they're short...
$2 short?
Uh, yeah.
So I gave it to her. When the spirit moves me...
We both got fucked. While you was doing God's work...
...I was getting jack-legged by a farmer and one of these waitresses.
I know the bitch is in here. They beat me down to my socks.
You lost all our money in a card game?
Fuck the money. It's not even about the money. I lost my daddy's watch.
Fuck that cheap-ass watch.
I apologize. You're right, it has to stop.
Once more, I'll take all your fronts out.
See how you go back to New York.
That's how you gonna be in the car.
I'm sorry.
Say something about the watch.
In fact, just bring up watch. Look like you was fixin' your mouth to say 'watch. '
I'm gonna whup your ass. Don't even say 'watch. '
Don't say it around me. Say 'little clock' or some shit. Say 'watch,' I'm gonna dive.
How do we get home without money?
We got 36 cases of booze. That's better than money.
So we gonna drive home drunk.
Is that it?
Let me pay, get out.
Where's the girl who was here?
What girl?
'What girl? ' Next time I come here, whichever bitch I start choking, that's her.
Big-time hustler, came and got girked by a couple of farmers.
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