Life (1999): Digging Part 2


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The clip digging Part 2 from Life (1999) with Nick Cassavetes, Brent Jennings

You tell him the state of Mississippi is only interested... gettin' this here ditch cleared by sundown.
State of Mississippi wants this here ditch cleared by sundown. Got that?
Got it, boss.
He don't sound like he from around here.
He from New York City, boss.
That one there too.
They'll find we do things different here.
Yeah, we noticed.
Don't smart me, boy. Just shut your mouth and do your work.
Looks like we got a couple of live ones.
How long these boys in for?
The judge gave 'em the long ride, boss.
Life, huh?
They step out of line again, we'll shorten up that sentence real fast.
Get them picks a-swinging! You heard me, New York Cities.
You don't want me to come down there.
I ain't nice like Boss. I'll slap the black off your ass.
Get to work!

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