Life (1999): Murder Accusations


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The clip murder accusations from Life (1999)

You're responsible for this whole situation.
I blame you for everything.
If it wasn't for you, I'd be home now about to have a hot meal.
If not for me, your black ass would be floating up on a beach.
Remember that, 'my finger and thumbs for adding' shit?
I saved your life.
They think we killed somebody.
This is blood, okay?
Just shut up. Listen.
Just sit down. Let me work it out.
I got a job, it starts Monday.
You'll be late.
'Cause I got to work this whole thing out.
What the...
Evening, boys.
Evening there, Sheriff.
Well, well. What do we have here?
Billy Bob and the boys found 'em under the hill with Winston Hancock.
He was dead. Looks like murder.
Yep, it does.
Is that right?
Looks like they was runnin' hootch. Got 36 cases of evidence.
How about a little reward, Billy Bob?
Thank you, sir.
Why bother with bootleggin' when we got a clear-cut case of murder?
Sheriff Pike, like I told your associate, we didn't kill nobody.
He was like that when we found him. He was already dead.
Now as far as bootleggin' goes...
...I happen to work for a very important man back East.
Does the name Spanky Johnson mean anything to you?
Spanky Johnson?
No, I'm afraid not.
Hey, Sheriff Pike.
Sheriff Pike, listen.
This guy, Spanky Johnson, is very well-connected.
Very well-connected. And if you were to give us a break...
...I can guarantee you, he would do something to show his appreciation.
Now I'm sure.
Mr. Pike.
You can buy your way out of trouble in New York City...
...but down here, we take murder very seriously.
We didn't kill him. He was dead when we found him.
That's the truth.
The liquor was ours.
There was no breath in him.

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