Life (1999): Watching Baseball Match


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The clip watching baseball match from Life (1999)

I like that.
You feel part of this baseball game, don't you?
They only get one out of me today.
We were arguing about something.
I didn't appreciate when you said something about...
You had just said I was...
You said that, uh...
Hell with it.
It's a hell of a day for a ball game.
Yankees on fire.
Motherfuckers kickin' ass.
Which ones the Yankees?
Well, the ones up at the mound.
Go, go, you! Run!
That's the Yankees right there.
Which ones there?
That's the Yankees right there.
It's a perfect plan. We're out.
What's so perfect? Took 65 years to come up with it.
Why can't you just say thank you?
You want me to say thank you, you can kiss my ass too.
I'm ready to go back right now.
Then let's go, Ray.
Help a nigger! Don't make me stand in this cold.

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