Dracula (1931): Renfield's Story


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The clip Renfield's story from Dracula (1931) with Dwight Frye, Edward Van Sloan

And he promised me things.
Not in words,
but by doing them.
Doing them?
By making them happen.
A red mist spread over the lawn,
coming on like a flame of fire.
And then he parted it.
And I could see...
that there were thousands of rats...
with their eyes blazing red,
like his, only smaller.
And then he held up his hand,
and they all stopped.
And I thought he seemed to be saying,
Rats. Rats.
millions of them.
All red blood,
all these will I give you...
if you will obey me. "
What did he want you to do?
That which has already been done.
Strike me down dead, Doctor. He's got me going.
Now he's twisted and broken them iron bars as if they was cheese.
Dracula is in the house.
In the house?
Doctor, this time he can do no harm. We are ready for him.
Martin, come with me. I'll show you where we can put Mr. Renfield...
where he won't escape again.
All right, but I have me doubts. Come along, old fly eater.
You mustn't get out of it this time.
I'm awfully sorry, but you've got to stay in your room.
Van Helsing.

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