Dracula (1931): Eating Spiders


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The clip eating spiders from Dracula (1931) with Charles K. Gerrard, Dwight Frye

He probably wants his flies again!
No, Martin, please!
Please don't, Martin! Oh, Martin, please!
Please, Martin! No, Martin!
Oh, Martin, please! No, no, no, Martin!
Here, give it to me!
No, Martin! Martin, don't!
Don't throw my spider away from me. Oh, Martin.
Ain't you ashamed now? Ain't ya?
Spiders now, is it?
Flies ain't good enough?
Flies? Flies?
Poor, puny things.
Who wants to eat flies?
You do, ya loony.
Not when I can get nice, fat spiders!
All right. Have it your own way.

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