21 Grams (2003): Cristine Gets High


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The clip Cristine Gets High from 21 Grams (2003)

Good evening, sir.
Excuse me.
Using discrepancy, lyric weaponry lessens your chances of testing me
Stop and freeze M.C.'s I block atrocities
Philosophies from the lips of black Socrates
The pocket-penciler in your peninsula
Killing Dracula M.C. 's who bit from my vernacular
I can back it The ill scene we occupy
No lullaby, got you high when I rock a fly
Verse, for my people let me breathe slow
Give a heave-ho and stimulate your cerebral
System, cut chemist grip the fader Tuna the group debater
Just like old times?
How the hell have you been?
Did you end up marrying that hunk you brought around here last time?
Is he a good lay? How they make us suffer?
It's all right. I got some great candy for you.
I got Special "K,"angel dust. I got your all-time favorite.
And I got the newest of the new... R-2.
This shit is all the rage. You take two of these,
you go straight to heaven.
I'm not into chemicals.
Cristi, you're not a cuddly little kitty now, are you?
Look, if you don't like 'em, you don't pay for 'em.
That's my girl. It's busy.
Go easy on the booze tonight, right?

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