21 Grams (2003): Cristine Wants Revenge


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The clip Cristine Wants Revenge from 21 Grams (2003) with Naomi Watts, Sean Penn

No. Thanks.
I can make you a sandwich if you...
Listen to me.
You don't need that shit. You don't need it.
Don't tell me what I need.
Katie could have lived.
She'd be alive right now, but that bastard left her there...
lying in the street.
He left the three of them like animals. He didn't care.
At least she could be here with me.
That son of a bitch is walking the streets, and I can't even go into their room.
What do you mean he's walking the street?
I want to kill him.
You want to kill him?
I'm gonna kill Jack Jordan. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.
Slow down. Wait. Just slow down.
Slow down? Slow down while I what? While I what?

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