Born on the Fourth of July (1989): Talking to Family at Home


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The clip talking to family at home from Born on the Fourth of July (1989) with Raymond J. Barry, Caroline Kava

No, Tommy. After supper.
Can I come with you?
There's the next conference champion.
Sorry I'm late, Ma.
There's rice on the stove
and fruit in the icebox.
I can't.
It's on your diet, right?
I got to drop 3 pounds by Saturday.
Your brother's a hard worker, Tommy,
'cause he wants to be the best.
Win or lose--in school, in sports, in life--
as long as you do your best,
that's what matters to God.
Win or lose, we still love him.
Can I go to my room?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you, God, for this food.
In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, amen.
Daddy, Jimmy took my doll!
I'll get the doll.
I hate his guts!
Just go to bed.
I didn't take anything!
Where's your sister's doll?
Jackie? Why is Jackie not in bed?
Where'd you get this?
Why are you in my room?
Don't change the subject.
I don't allow Playboy magazine in this house.
Stevie gave it to me.
You have filthy, impure thoughts!
God's going to punish you.
I haven't even looked at it yet, all right?
Go to confession. I want you to tell Father McKenna.
I don't want to see this filthy magazine
in my house again.
Now, take this away!
What's going on?
What do you mean, nothing?
Nothing, Dad. O.K.?

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