Mosura Tai Gojira (1964): the Shobijin's Story


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The clip the shobijin's story from Mosura tai Gojira (1964)

Ichi, what did you find out?
I found out who's behind this.
It's Jiro Torahata, the son of Manzo Torahata.
He is the most influential figure in the business world.
Does this Jiro Torahata have that much power?
He stays in the background, but he's got money
and more political connections than his old man.
He wants to turn that egg into the golden egg.
Probably. What else would he be helping him for?
At that time...
Please return the egg.
Hey, don't utter strange voice.
It wasn't me.
Please, I beg you; return the egg.
Look. Over there.
We came from Infant Island.
Please give us back our egg.
Infant Island?
Isn't that the island in the South
where they tested the nuclear bombs?
Then, that egg at Shizunoura belongs to you?
It's Mothra's egg.
Do you believe that?
Nuclear bomb tests have turned Infant Island
into a most desperate place.
On top of that, the recent typhoon caused flash floods
that washed the Mothra's egg into the sea.

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