Mosura Tai Gojira (1964): Thinking to Call Mothra


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The clip thinking to call mothra from Mosura tai Gojira (1964)

Professor Miura, as a zoologist,
what do you think of all this?
About what?
How to defend from Godzilla?
We should leave that to the government.
You talk Like a rookie.
Newspapers don't just inform people about the government.
In case of an emergency Like this...
I'm back. I had a terrible time.
I'm back.
What's everyone so serious about?
How to stop Godzilla.
To stop Godzilla?
To stop Godzilla, ask Mothra for help.
Ask Mothra? You stupid?
Wait! What did you say?
I said ask Mothra to come and help defeat Godzilla.
That's it!
Sorry, did I say something wrong?
No, it's not that. It's just you said it so easily.
Because its precious egg is here, isn't it?
If we ask...
That's right.
Of course it is.
Who said you could come back?
I told you to keep your eyes on Mothra's egg.
But everyone ran away because Godzilla is coming.
Did the egg run away, too?
Of course not. It has no legs.
Then stick with the egg.
If you leave, you'll be fired.

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