Frankenstein (1931): Elizabeth Expresses Concern


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The clip elizabeth expresses concern from Frankenstein (1931)

How lovely you look. But you shouldn't be here.
I must see you for a minute.
Why? What's the matter?
Could you leave us for a moment?
Why, of course.
Why, what is it?
I'm so glad you're safe.
Safe? Of course I'm safe.
But you look worried. Is anything wrong?
No, forget my foolishness.
It was just a mood. There's nothing the matter.
Of course there isn't!
Henry, I'm afraid. Terribly afraid.
Where is Dr Waldman? Why is he late for the wedding?
He's always late. He'll be here soon.
Something is going to happen.
I feel it. I can't get it out of my mind.
You're just nervous.
All the excitement and preparation.
No. No, it isn't that. I've felt it all day.
Something is coming between us.
I know it. I know it!
Sit down and rest. You look so tired.
If I could just save us from it.
From what, dear? From what?
I don't know!
If I could just get it out of my mind! I'd die if I had to lose you now, Henry.
Lose me? Why, I'll always be with you.
Will you, Henry? Are you sure?
I love you so.
Sure. How beautiful you look.
Henry! Henry!
What's that? What's that?!
Henry! Dr Waldman!

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