The Lost Weekend (1945): The Whiskey Bottle Part 3


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The clip The whiskey bottle Part 3 from The Lost Weekend (1945)

What are you talking about?
Well, I just thought we could take a later train and Helen wouldn't have to the concert by herself. She's got two tickets, hasn't she?
No, no. I'm not going to upset any plans. You're going on that three fifteen.
Oh. Now Helen, it's so silly!
A whale of a concert and an empty seat next to you.
No, Don. Everything's all set.
Now they'll be at the station to meet us and dinner'll be waiting.
Put in a call that we're taking the later train and have dinner at nine o'clock we'll be in bed by ten.
Nothing doing. We're going.
Wick is right. And don't worry about that empty seat.
I'll find myself a nice handsome South American millionaire.
There you are. Did you hear her.
Besides, we'd have to break our necks anyway to catch the train.
It's five to three.
You see?
Oh, don't be so stubborn Wick.
All right. Go ahead.
Just a minute. I'm not going.
Then what are we talking about?
Well, I want you to go. You and Helen.
Me and Helen?
That's the idea.
Who likes Brahms, you or I?
Since when don't you like Brahms?
I'll just stick around here and finish packing. Take a little nap maybe.
Nonsense. If anybody goes...Helen's your girl.
There's something in that, Don.
And what's more, I don't think you should be left alone.
I shouldn't?
I oughtn't be trusted. Is that it?
Really, Don.
After what you've been through...
After what I've been through, I couldn't go to a concert.
I couldn't even face the crowds. I couldn't sit through it with all those people.
Besides, I want to be alone for a couple of hours and kind of assemble myself.
Is that such an extraordinary thing to want?
Don't act so outraged, would you mind?
All right. Anything else?
Please, boys.
Come on, Helen.
You'll stay right here?
Where would I go?
Then you'll be here when we come back?
I told you, I'm not leaving this apartment.
You've told us a good many things, Don.
All right, if you don't belive me, why don't you tak emy key and lock me in like a dog.
We've got to trust Don. That's the only way.
Sorry, Don.
Let's go Helen.
So long, Don.
So long.
Bend down.

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