The Lost Weekend (1945): Halfway Hospital, Halfway Jail


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The clip Halfway hospital, halfway jail from The Lost Weekend (1945)

I'm a nurse.
Name of Nolan. They call me Bim.
You can call me Bim.
What's your name?
What kind of Birnam?
Don Birnam.
Where do you live?
Two-o-nine East Fif...
What do you need that for?
For the post card.
What post card?
To your folks, so's they'll know where honey-boy is and can pick him up when he's feeling better.
No address.
Okay. We'll get it out of the phone book, or the directory, or your wallet.
Look, no postcard. Understand? Nobody's going to pick me up.
The management insists.
If we let you guys go home alone a lot of you don't go home.
You just hit the nearest bar and bounce right back again.
What we call the Quick Richochet.
Look, I'm as well as you are. I can get out of here right now.
Think so?
Where are my clothes?
How do I get out of this place?
Right through there.
Well, where do you think you're going?
To get my clothes.
Got you discharge?
My what?
Your release?
I'm all right. Let me out.
Get back there, go on.
Keep your hands off me.
Come here, Birnam.
Is this a jail?
Well, this department...side of a halfway hospital, halfway jail.
Listen, Bim, in my clothes there's five dollars. That's all for you if only you won't send that post card.
Nothing doing.
I don't want anybody to know.
Your folks might as well get used to our little post cards.
What are you talking about?
There'll be more of 'em. You'll be back.
Oh, shut up.

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