The Lost Weekend (1945): They All Come Back


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The clip They all come back from The Lost Weekend (1945) with Frank Faylen

Listen, I can pick an alky with one eye shut.
You're an alky...
You'll come back. They all do.
Him, for instance, shows up every month, just like the gas bill.
And the one there, with the glasses, another repeater. This is his forty-fifth time.
Big executive in the advertising business. Lovely fellow.
Been coming here ever since nineteen twenty-seven.
Good old prohibition days.
Say you should have seen the joint then. This is nothing.
Back then we really had a turnover. Standing room only.
Prohibition! That's what started most of these guys off. Whoopee!
Now be a good boy and drink this.
I don't want it.
Better take it.
Liable to be a little floor show later on around here. Might get on your nerves.
Floor show?
Ever have the D.T.'s?
You will, brother.
Not me.
Like to make a little bet? After all, you're just a freshman.
Wait'll you're a sophomore that's when you start seeing the little animals.
You know that stuff about pink elephants, that's the bunk.
It's little animals.
Little tiny turkeys in straw hats.
Midget monkeys coming through the key-holes.
See that guy over there?
With him it's beetles.
Come the night, he sees beetles crawling all over him.
Has to be dark, though.
It's like the doctor was just telling me,
"Delirium is a disease of the night."
Good night.

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