The Lost Weekend (1945): Overhearing Helen's Parents


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The clip Overhearing Helen's parents from The Lost Weekend (1945)

Just walked in for a simple haircut. No, that wasn't enough, not for New York.
They gave me a shampoo, scalp massage and a manicure.
Thought they were going to tear my shoes off and paint my toenails.
I had a lovely morning.
Just did a little window shopping. Didn't want to get all tired out.
On account of meeting that young man? Now, Mother.
Who did you get a haircut for?
Wonder what's keeping Helen.
She'll be here.
This Birnam fellow went to Cornell, didn't he?
I believe so.
But he never graduated. I wonder why.
How old is he?
He has no job. As far as I can find out, he never had one.
I wish Helen wasn't so vague.
Maybe he has a little money. Some people do, you know, Father.
He ought to have a job anyway.
He's a writer.
Writer? What did he write? I never heard of his name.
Now Father, relax. You always expect the worst.
I hope he realizes that Helen's our only daughter and we ought to know a few things about him.
Those'll all come out...his background, his prospects, his church affiliations.

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