The Lost Weekend (1945): The Truth Comes out Part 4


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The clip The truth comes out Part 4 from The Lost Weekend (1945)

I started a third and a fourth only by then, somebody began to look over y shoulder and whisper in a thin, clear voice like the E-string on a violin.
Don Birnam, he'd whisper it's not good enough. Not that way.
How about a couple of drinks just to set it on its feet, huh?
So I had a couple. Oh, what a great idea that was.
That made all the difference. Suddenly I could see the whole thing the tragic sweep of the great novel, beautifully proportioned.
But before I could really grab it and throw it down on paper the drinks would wear off and everything would be gone, like a mirage.
Then there was despair, and... a drink to counterbalance despair, and one to counterbalance the counterbalance.
And I'd sit in front of that typewriter, trying to squeeze out one page that was halfway decent, and that guy would pop up again.
What guy? Who are you talking about?
The other Don Birnam. There are two of us, you know:
Don the drunk and Don the writer.
And the drunk would say to the writer, come on, let's get some good out of that portable.
Let's take it to that pawn shop over on 3rd Avenue, it's always good for U$10, another drink, another binge, another bender and a spree.
Such humorous words.
I tried to break away from that guy a lot of times but, no good.
You know once I even got myself a gun and some bullets.
I was gonna do it on my thirtieth birthday.
Here are the bullets.
The gun went for three quarts of whiskey.

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