The Lost Weekend (1945): The Truth Comes out Part 3

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The clip The truth comes out Part 3 from The Lost Weekend (1945) Don't listen to him. You don't even have ...
The clip The truth comes out Part 3 from The Lost Weekend (1945) Don't listen to him. You don't even have to. Just look at the two of us. Yes. What is all this covering up? All that happened is that Don was nervous at the idea of meeting your parents and so he took a couple of drinks. Come on, Wick, she'd have found out sooner or later. Stop it, both of you. Don's a little tight. Most people drink a little. A lot of them get tight once in a while. Sure. The lucky ones who can take it or leave it. But then there are the ones who can't take it and leave it either. What I'm trying to say is I'm not a drinker. I'm a drunk. They had to put me away once. He went to a cure. Which didn't take. You see, that first time we met, I should have had the decency to get drunk just for your sake. For my sake? We're talking about you. Is it really that bad, Wick? Yes, it is. Can't we go over this tomorrow, Don, when you're feeling more like yourself? Helen's heard the facts. That's all there is to it. Yes, I've heard them and they're not very pleasant. But they could be worse. After all, you're not an embezzler or a murderer. You drink too much and that's not fatal. One cure didn't take. There are others. Of course there are. This has a familiar ring. But, there must be a reason why you drink Don. The right doctor could find it. Look, I'm way ahead of the right doctor. I know the reason. The reason is me. What I am. Or, rather, what I'm not. What I wanted to become and didn't. What is it you want to be so much that you're not? A writer. Silly, isn't it? You know, in college I passed for a genius. They couldn't get out the college magazine without one of my stories. Boy, was I hot, Hemingway stuff. I reached my peak when I was nineteen. Sold a piece to the Atlantic Monthly. Reprinted in the Readers' Digest. Who wants to stay in college when he's Hemingway? My mother bought me a brand new typewriter, and... I moved right in on New York. Well, the first thing I wrote, that didn't quite come off. And the second, I dropped. The public wasn't ready for that one.