The Lost Weekend (1945): The Truth Comes out Part 2


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The clip The truth comes out Part 2 from The Lost Weekend (1945)

"Oh. But surely he'd have called back if her were all right."
Where did he call you from?
I don't know.
I think I have got an idea. He called from out of town.
Out of town? Where?
Well, there's an opening on the Philadelphia Inquirer the book section and Don wrote them, he wired them and I think this morning he just took an early train.
Oh. Why, he didn't tell me a word about it.
I, I'm not supposed to tell you either. He wanted it to be a surprise.
Yes, he he probably couldn't meet the right people right away, missed a train. You know how it is.
Oh, it would be just wonderful if he got the job and started working.
Or would it, Wick, with him in Philadelphia and me in New York?
Don't ever tell him I said that though, will you?
Of course not.
I can never understand why somebody like Don, a person with such talent, such flashes of real brilliance...
Maybe I'm a bit prejudiced.
What are you doing, Wick?
Where did that bottle come from?
It just rolled out.
From under the couch.
Yes, Helen.
You I guess that Don caught an early train and...
Is that Don's bottle?
What makes you think that?
There was a bottle the first time we met.
There was?
Fell out of Don's pocket.
That was for me, Helen. This one's mine too.
You might as well hear the family scandal. I drink.
Don thinks I drink too much. I had to promise to go on the wagon. That's why I hid the bottle so he wouldn't see it.
Oh. I'm so sorry, Wick.
I shouldn't have started asking questions.
It's really none of my business.
Forget it, Helen.
I better be getting back to the hotel.
Don's probably there already. And don't worry, Wick, I won'T mention a word of it to him.
Thank you, Helen.
Helen. I'm sorry, Helen. I can't let you go. Not like this.
Shut your mouth, Don. I'll take you downstairs.
Thanks very much for your Philadelphia Story, Wick. Nice try.
That looks so silly on you.

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