The Lost Weekend (1945): Drinking Before Lunch


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The clip Drinking before lunch from The Lost Weekend (1945)

I thought you was going away for the weekend.
Petes sake, what are you doing? Come on and give me a drink!
Right with you, Mr. Birnam. I'm just fixing myself some lunch.
Well, stop it and come on and give me a drink, for heaven's sake. Come on, come on!
Can't you hurry it up a little?
Here you are, Mr. Birnam.
That young lady stopped in last night, looking for ya.
What young lady?
The one with the leopard coat.
Yeah. She was acting like she just happened to drop in, but I know she was making the rounds after you.
What did you say to her?
I said you hadn't been in for two weeks.
That's good. I can't let her see me. Not now while I'm "off" like this.
Why don't you cut it short?
Don't talk like a child. You can't cut it short!
You're on that merry-go-round and you've got to ride it all the way round and round till the blasted music wears itself out and the thing dies down and clunks to a stop.
Hey, how about you eatin' some of this?
Take it away.
You gotta eat somethin' sometime.
Just give me another drink.
Mr. Birnam, this is the mornin'.
That's when you need it most, in the morning. Haven't you learned that yet?
At night, this stuff's a drink. In the morning, it's medicine.
Okay if I eat?
A little to one side.

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