The Lost Weekend (1945): Exchanging the Coats

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Published 29 Dec 2011
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The clip Exchanging the coats from The Lost Weekend (1945)

Did you forget something?
No. Just going home, if it's all right with you.
Say, this isn't yours, is it?
It certainly isn't.
That's what it says though...417
I don't care what it says.
The checks must have got mixed up.
Maybe they did.
Find me my coat. It's a plain man's raincoat and a derby.
Are you kidding? Do you know how many plain men's raincoats we have on a day like this?
About a thousand.
Well, let me get back there. I can find it.
No. Please, that's against regulations, sir.
I am not going to wait here until the end of the performance.
Well, you can get your coat tomorrow.
Look, man, there's something in the pocket of that coat. I...
Well, it so happens I find myself without any money and I need that coat. And I need it now!
Listen, if everybody went in there digging through those coats...
There's regulations. There's got to be regulations.
Then, what do you suggest?
Wait till the other party arrives, then swap.
I want my coat.
As far as I'm concerned Mister that's your coat.
You're a great help.
That's my coat you've got.
And that's mine, thank heaven. They mixed up the checks.
I thought you'd never come.
Well you couldn't have waited so long.
Only since the first aria of the first act. That's all.
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