The Lost Weekend (1945): Looking for Gloria


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The clip Looking for Gloria from The Lost Weekend (1945)

Say, Nat, was there a gentleman here...
Hello, Mr. Birnam. Didn't you go away for the weekend?
Apparently not, Gloria.
Was there a gentleman here asking for me?
Not to my knowledge there wasn't.
Well, he was supposed to come around twelve o'clock. He's from Albany.
Another friend of the folks?
More a friend of a friend of the folks type.
A fellow called me about him. Wants me to show him the town.
Like Grant's Tomb for instance?
But def.
Hey, ain't it amazing, how many guys come down from Albany just to see Grant's Tomb?
Sometimes I wish you came from Albany.
Yeah? Where would you take me?
Lots of places. The Music Hall, then the New Yorker Roof, maybe.
There is now being presented at a theatre on Forty-Fourth Street, the uncut version of Hamlet.
Now, I see us as setting out for that. Do you know Hamlet?
I know Forty-fourth Street.
I'd like to get your interpretation of Hamlet's character.
I'd like to give it to you.
Dinner later, I think. Nothing before.
I want you to always see Shakespeare on an empty stomach.
Not even a pretzel?
Could I have a glass of water?
Why, sure. What'll it be for a chaser?
This is Nat's Bar, isn't it?
That's what the man said.
I'm looking for a young lady, name of Gloria.
Are you Miss Gloria?
Who, me? No, I'm not.
I just live with Gloria. She's not here.
She isn't?
No, she's sick. She went to the hospital.
Ruptured appendix. Middle of last night. Went like that!
It scared the life out of me.
Oh, that's terrible.
Could I have a word with you?
No thanks. Thanks a lot, but no thanks.
Oh. You're welcome, I'm sure.
Don't mensch.

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