The Lost Weekend (1945): Drinking in the Bar


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The clip Drinking in the bar from The Lost Weekend (1945) with Ray Milland

Yes, sir. Thank you.
Good afternoon, Mrs. Deveridge.
Hello, Mr. Birnam.
That's that nice young man who drinks.
How is my very good friend, Nat, today?
Yes, Mr. Birnam.
This being an espeically fine afternoon, I have decided to ask for your hand in marriage.
Look, Mr. Birnam...
If that were to be your attitude, Nat...
I shall have to drown my sorrows in a jigger of rye. Just one, that's all.
Can't be done, Mr. Birnam.
Let me guess why.
My brother was here, undermining my financial structure.
I didn't tell him nothing about the wrist watch you left here, or your cuff links.
Today, you'll be glad to know, we can barter on a cash basis.
One straight rye.
That was the idea.
Don't wipe it away, Nat.
Let me have my little vicious circle.
You know the circle is the perfect geometric figure.
No end, no beginning...
What time is it?
Quarter of four.
Good. We have the whole afternoon together.
Will you let me know when it's a quarter of six. It's very important.
I'm going to the country for a weekend with my brother. You better take this along, Don. It's going to be cold on the farm.

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