The Lost Weekend (1945): Helen Helps Don


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The clip Helen helps Don from The Lost Weekend (1945)

Don, darling.
Go away, Helen.
I'm here to help you, Don.
No, no.
Look at you.
You want to get up, Don. Put your arm on my shoulder.
You'll have a bath and I'll help you shave and you'll eat and sleep, and when Wick comes back everything will be all right.
No, Helen, don't look.
What's the matter, Don?
That wall.
What wall?
The mouse and the bat.
Mouse and the bat?
Yes, that hole in the wall right behind you.
There's no hole in the wall, Don.
Yes there is.
Don please, look for yourself. Come on.
Come on Don, please look.
You see?
Everything's gonna be all right. I'll stay right with you.
It's little animals. It's always little animals.
That's what Bim said.
You're not making much sense Don.
You know what Nat said about the ending?
Like this.
Or like that.
Like this or like that.

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