Get Smart (2008): Suspicion of Max


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The clip suspicion of max from Get Smart (2008) with Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson

I'm very disappointed, Max.
I thought you and I were supposedly cut from the same cloth.
How can you think that I am a double agent?
You lied about finding evidence of radioactivity.
Killed Krstic before anybody could question him.
There's a matter of your stoving my head in with a fire extinguisher.
I said I was sorry. You just didn't hear me, because you were in a mini coma.
You've made CONTROL a laughingstock.
The vice president wants to shut us down, you know.
This whole week...
...last night... know me.
Apparently not.
Oh, my God!
You two? You and Max?
You said we had to break up because we work together.
Oh, my God! You and 23?
I am so sexually threatened right now.

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