Get Smart (2008): Why 99 Changed Her Looks


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The clip why 99 changed her looks from Get Smart (2008) with Anne Hathaway, Steve Carell

Thanks, Chief.
Okay, no problem.
The Chief is thrilled. He sent 23 out to observe the cleanup.
Listen, is it possible that you could answer a personal question?
It's possible.
Why did you change your looks?
Oh. Um... That's not really a personal question.
Things from my non-work sphere spilled into my work sphere.
Facts became known, identities were compromised, and I became a brunette.
Wow. That is a great story... which you revealed absolutely nothing about yourself.
I blew a mission.
I was involved with someone from work. I lost focus. The mission blew up.
I broke it off with that person, but my identity had already been revealed.
So I had two choices.
I could either spend the rest of my life behind a desk...
...which would be like eight hours a day...
...of scraping a cheese grater against my forehead.
Oh, you know.
Or I could change my face, so that's what I did.
And it was painful, but it needed to be done, and s...
I don't wanna talk about this anymore.
I used to look like my mom.
I used to look like two of my moms put together.

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