Get Smart (2008): Bathroom Gossip


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The clip bathroom gossip from Get Smart (2008) with Steve Carell

I'm sorry, are you talking to me?
No sprechen Sie Russian.
Boy, you know what? I will tell you, I love your country.
No more Communism. No rules of any kind, really.
I'm filling my suitcase with steroids and art from ancient Mesopotamia.
Ran over an old woman yesterday. Best vacation I've ever had.
Time to take my pill.
There was a guy in the bathroom who's really hot.
No, no, no. Radioactive hot.
Although he did have a certain rugged quality that some find appealing.
How did you know he was radioactive?
My watch is a Geiger counter. You don't have one of these? Huh.
Listen, I think he was part of the nuclear theft in Chechnya.
We should follow him.
I gotta say, Max... picked a good restaurant.

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