Get Smart (2008): Shoebomb Scare


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The clip shoebomb scare from Get Smart (2008) with Anne Hathaway, Steve Carell

Six o'clock.
Don't turn around, don't turn around. Use your peripherals.
Do you see him?
I'm just widening my eyes. I'm not actually seeing anything more.
The big guy that might as well be holding up a sign:
"I'm an assassin, here to kill you. "
Okay, 99, you know what? That is profiling.
Just because he is large doesn't necessarily mean that he is a bad guy.
Oh. Wow.
That's a bad guy. That's a really bad guy.
You don't say.
Did you see his face?
His head looks like one of the Easter Island heads.
You know what? I'm doing the same thing.
That's profiling, and I will have none of it.
Darn it, I have gum on my new shoes.
He's trying to light his shoe.
It's a shoe bomb!
Get him!
It's gum.
He's got a gun!
Not... Gum! Not... No! Gum!
Federal marshal, you're under arrest.
Sir, I believe you just shattered my coccyx.

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