Sophie's Choice (1982): Breakfast with Sophie and Nathan


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The clip breakfast with Sophie and Nathan from Sophie's Choice (1982) with Kevin Kline, Peter MacNicol

I know what you're thinking: "These people are strange".
On Sundays we like to dress up a bit differently and go out.
I knew you'd understand!
You see, everybody out there dresses the same.
Look at those poor, pathetic people out there. Look at them.
Drones. All walking down the streets looking alike, wearing...
the same dread, boring uniform.
You're boring! "Good morning"!
Look at this God's gift!
Give me a kiss.
One kiss.
All right, one kiss.
That's all you deserve.
One more.
I need one more.
I have to have one more.
Look where my hands have to go.
This is... No, Nathan Landau!
What do you think of that, Stingo?
Here I am, a nice Jewish boy...
pushing thirty...
I fall crazy in love with a polish Shiksa.
What is that? What is a Shiksa?
A Shiksa? Is a "goee" girl. A lady of a gentile persuasion.
She's a...
All right. I'd just assumed that she was not...
Jewish, Jewish?
No, no, no... Sophie is Catholic.
That's OK. But I'm not anymore Catholic, so...
Catholic issue.
When I first met this one here...
she was a rag and bone and hank of hair.

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