Sophie's Choice (1982): Sophie's Family Part 2


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The clip sophie's family Part 2 from Sophie's Choice (1982) with Meryl Streep, Peter MacNicol

t-tuberculosis. Tuberculosis and...
She is very sick, you know? She's dying. I can't do anything.
But I think if I could get that meet for my mother...
I would make her strong, so I go to the country and...
the peasants, they're selling... ham.
And I go with that black market money and I buy that and...
I bring it back. But it's forbidden for all the meet goes to the Germans
If you get caught...
So I hid the ham under my skirt on the train.
I'm pretending that I'm pregnant, you know?
I was so afraid!
I was shaking. And then that German...
who was in the front of the train and he saw me.
And I'm sitting there and he "come" up to me...
and he "take" under my skirt that ham and...
So they sent me to Auschwitz.
You were sent to Auschwitz because you stole a ham?
No. I was sent to Auschwitz because they saw that I was afraid.

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