Sophie's Choice (1982): Nightcap with Sophie


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The clip nightcap with sophie from Sophie's Choice (1982) with Meryl Streep, Peter MacNicol

Nathan!? I'm so glad you're...
Yep, little Stingo.
You want to come up and have a night cup with me?
When Nathan gets involved he forgets all about the time...
Stingo, you look... very nice. You're wearing your "cock sucker".
My seersucker.
Oh yeah. Right, "seersucker".
I love it here.
I'm glad you couldn't sleep.
You hurt your mouth? You talk funny.
I bit my tongue.
You want me to get you something?
No, please, no.
It just needs to be left alone.
You changed all the furniture around?
Yeah, you like it? I do that when I can't sleep, you know?
It's good, because then you don't have...
You don't have to think about anything.
Well, then I'll try that.
Oh, no.
Stingo... You do not have to move furniture.
You will move mountains.
I can't even move my tongue.
Maybe you moved it too much.

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