The Constant Gardener (2005): Looking for Answers


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The clip looking for answers from The Constant Gardener (2005)

Ghita, hi. Thanks for coming.
So why did you want to meet here? Something that we shouldn't be seen talking about?
I know that Tessa and Arnold wrote a report on the ThreeBees trials,
And I need to know what happened to it.
What makes you think I know?
Because they trusted you, and so do I.
Help me, please, Ghita.
All I know is that Tessa gave Sandy a copy.
Sandy? Why him?
Sandy was a compromise? semiofficial.
Arnold wanted to go public with it. Tessa wouldn't.
Because? Because she wanted to do it your way, through channels.
But, Justin, I wouldn't bother looking for it.
If it threatens British commercial interests, it would've been shredded. She could've brought it to me.
She didn't want to get you involved. Why?
Ghita, why didn't she want me involved? To protect you.
Do you know if she showed the report to anyone else?
Kenny Curtiss.

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